Extensive celebration of diversity


The second week of November Tromsø Arctic Pride will take place. Featuring a spectacular show with internationally acclaimed drag show star Willam from RuPaul’s Drag Race, a Queer Film Festival, Queer-punk Concert, debates and Queer Talk Show to mention but a few of the ingredients.

Tromsø Arctic Pride is the world's northernmost pride festival and it takes places 5-11. November. A whole week celebrating the diversity from morning to evening. You will find a wide range of offers regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age or heritage.

We kick the festival off a bit early this year: Friday, November 2, we feature a theater performance called "Nobody is gay in 2nd division" by Andreas Koschinski Kvisgaard and Carl Morten Amundsen. It addresses being queer in sports and football.


Queer movies
This year as well, we bring on a great bouquet of queer movies during the festival week, including "A Fantastic Woman", "Velvet Goldmine", "Boys Don’t Cry", "Love, Simon", "Far From Heaven" and the legendary musical movie "Everybody Is Talking About Jamie" will premiere during the festival . In addition, we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Swedish classic "Fucking Åmål" with two viewings.

Together with the Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum and Tvibit we will arrange a youth art workshop with the film maker, multimedia artist, researcher and musician Vivek Venkatesh in digital art for youth between 17 and 24 years. The result of this appears as a performance two days later on Tvibit. There will also be a queer punk when concert with the band Intetskjønn at Tvibit as a complementary concert for youngsters under 18.

 Tromsø photographer Eivind Hansen (25), raised in Tromsdalen and resident in London, shows pictures of trans women at Café G. - Trans women are exposed to much more violence than other women in the world. They are regularly killed because they dare to be themselves, he explains about the strong portraits.


Together with Amnesty, we arrange a debate on the situation of queers in different countries of the world. Author and journalist Pål Vegard Hagesæther will present and speak about his book "A journey to the Land of Homophobia”. Furthermore, we will also arrange a debate on all the different ways of organizing a family in today's society. A key question here is "What is a family?".

Skeivt Arkiv (Queer Archives) from the University of Bergen comes to Tromsø to tell the main features of the Northern Norway queer history up until today. In addition, attorney Halvor Frihagen gives a lecture on "Law for Queer Families". Frihagen is looking at family and inheritance law, what rights transgender have and explains whether legislation is different for queers than others.


Queer Sami Experiences
The program further features Queer Quiz, lectures on the highlights of queer literature, and the Tromsø Cathedral organizes a Rainbow Mass. There will also be a conversation with key politicians in the Sámi Parliament Runar Balto Myrnes, Anne Henriette Reinås Nilut and Mikkel Eskil Mikkelsen, called Queer Sami Experiences. All three are young, queer and open and great role models. They come to Tromsø Arctic Pride to talk about their experiences of growing up queer in small Sami communities and serving as open-minded Sami politicians.

 Friday features a gay talk show and a walk down the historical gay musical lane. There is more music when the band Intetskjønn enters Bastard Bar serving hard, cool queer-punk claiming their music will cure the world of transphobia, sexism and all evils surrounding us.

There will be a parade this year too! Last year, some 4,000 happy people gave color to downtown Tromsø on a cold November Saturday. This year we expect even more to take part. We encourage everyone; families, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, coworkers, sports teams, companies, associations, political parties, neighbors, agencies, etc. to participate in the grand celebration of the diversity on Saturday November 10th. The parade begins at 13:00 (1 pm) from Kongsbakken School.


The show and party of all times
The festival ends Saturday night with a grand celebration at Clarion Hotel The Edge. Then Tromsø will host a show the city has never experienced before. The American drag star Willam, known from RuPaul's Drag Race, features a rewarding show. As a double bill, the Swedish performance group The Villbergs also brings on a spectacular costume and music show.

After the show, the giant PrideParty with the DJs Club Lollipop takes off, keeping you going a long way in the wee hours.

See the whole program at http://www.arcticpride.no/